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Perioada Inregistrare Reinnoire Transfer
1 an 14.99 EUR 14.99 EUR 14.99 EUR
  • Perioada inregistrare: 1 an - 1 an
  • Administrare DNS inclusa.
Informatii si reguli inregistrare domenii .it
The following DNS requirements must be pre-configured for any domain name registered:

- The servers’ IP addresses must be static and correspond to those actually associated with them.
- The first nameserver must be the same as indicated in the Server of Authority (SOA) record of the domain name.
- A CNAME must not be associated with the domain name.
- The name of the nameserver specified in the SOA cannot be a CNAME.
- At least one MX or A record must exist for the domain name.
- Where an MX record is listed, it must not have an associated CNAME.
- Whenever interrogated, the servers must not give the following responses: not responding, not reachable, not running, non-existent domain, host not found, server failure, query failed.
- Indicated nameservers must be authoritative for the domain name.

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